Frixos Polenakis was born on October 11, 1972 in Athens.

He studied and graduated from the Marine School Academy of Syros in 1994. He continued with postgraduate studies in Shipping for the next two years.In 1993 he started his first business on the island he originated from, Sifnos; this is “Botzi Bar”, which has since become a permanent fixture
in the island’s nightlife.

In 2005, together with two good friends of his they created an original establishment, a unique space throughout the Cyclades, Kykladon Choros, the first ‘Cycladic Mall’. This comprises a restaurant, a café, two commercial shops, and an art gallery.

Frixos has been painting and sketching for some years now, capturing moments of everyday madness; the persons and characters that he comes across are depicted using a drawing pen and paper; what’s clear is that these persons bear little or no direct resemblance to their actual image. Yet, for Frixos this is ultimately a personal and perhaps absurd journey. In this, Frixos has been influenced by his father: for as long as he can remember him, Captain Stamatis has been painting. Also by a painting of Miró, “The Bullfight”, which was hanging above his bed until his 15th year. In this classic painting, a stricken bullfighter is shown flying over the bull’s head.

He is inspired by the world, various individuals, the persons he comes into contact with in his everyday life; people in constant motion, their personal stories, their reactions, their smiles, their sorrows, their melancholy.

What he tries to get across through his work is the other side of the people he sees and meets. Several of his drawings depict a figure with his or her thoughts shown above the head, thoughts Frixos imagines they are entertaining. The game, playfulness shines through in all of his creations: in some this is a strand of naughtiness, mischief; ultimately, this all about love.

Elias Petropoulos’, Frixos’ favorite author once said: “Love, is an elastic sort of passion; Love is a liquid, and liquids cannot be (re)pressed.” Indeed, liquids, like ideas, cannot be oppressed or repressed: they flow like a river.

What he wishes for himself as an artist is to be able to paint for as long as he lives, and as long as he remains inspired. This is a unique relationship, reminiscent and fulfilling like other important moments of life: discussing with a dear friend; holding your child in your arms; lying in bed, not being able to take your eyes off your partner.